Soaring temperatures are killing people around the world right now

Interesting post! We’ve just experienced a lengthy heatwave in the UK and it certainly made me think about climate change. It’s one thing to hear about it and another to truly see it with your own eyes.

The Southern Miss School of Social Work

Heat records are being set all over the world this July, and people in large numbers – mainly the young, the elderly, and the poor – are dying because of it.

Yes, climate change kills.  The link between heat-trapping gases and global warming is proven far past reasonable doubt, and it is absolutely unconscionable that governments – seemingly helpless in the grip of extraction-dominated economic forces – are failing so miserably to take the actions necessary to protect public health and avert worsening catastrophes in years to come.

The reality of global climate disruption poses an ethical challenge – for social workers, and every right-thinking citizen – of the most acute sort: Act to demand change now, or passively succumb to complicity in a systemically-driven culture of death.

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Sleep is for the weak

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