What’s the latest with COVID-19?

According to an editorial in Nature (dated 10 Jan 2022), it is time for us to come to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is here to stay. Given the amount of pandemic fatigue there is at the moment, many people have already come to terms with it. However, as Nature states, this doesn't mean… Continue reading What’s the latest with COVID-19?


COVID-19 vaccine protection is fading as the number of cases increase

Researchers in the UK have found that the protection offered by the Pfizer/Biotech and AstraZeneca vaccines begins to fall after six months. The researchers have linked this to the need for booster shots for those who already had two doses of the vaccine. While major countries like the US, UK and also the EU are… Continue reading COVID-19 vaccine protection is fading as the number of cases increase

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How are we using social media?

Roxanne Cohen Silver, PhD: Research does make it clear that social media is a larger source of misinformation and rumour than we typically get from traditional media. There isn't anybody who is monitoring and vetting the information for its truthfulness or its veracity. So we need to step back. How are we using social media?… Continue reading How are we using social media?

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There is a new variant of COVID-19 in the UK

On Saturday 19th December, millions of people were thrown into uncertainty when the UK government announced that Christmas was effectively cancelled. Plans to allow people to travel without restrictions for up to five days were scuppered by the emergence of a new variant of the virus. Here's what we know so far: The variant is… Continue reading There is a new variant of COVID-19 in the UK

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4 COVID-19 Expert Quotes

Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has taken the world by storm, and after a frenzied period at the beginning of the year, many countries are seeing a rise in the number of cases. Despite the efforts from scientists and researchers across the globe, there is still no vaccine for the virus. This means society is still relying… Continue reading 4 COVID-19 Expert Quotes