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On This Day [June 3rd]

Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the first wireless message from a photophone (a device that transmits sound on a beam of light). Ed White became the first American to walk in space Charles Richard Drew, an American physician and medical researcher who was instrumental in the preservation of blood plasma, was born. Alexander Graham Bell Invented… Continue reading On This Day [June 3rd]

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On This Day [Aug. 26th]

AUGUST 26TH 1938: a tape recorder was used for the first time to send a radio broadcast 1743: Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was born. He is considered to be 'the father of modern chemistry' and is responsible for naming oxygen and determining what role it plays in combustion and respiration. 1874: Lee de Forest was born.… Continue reading On This Day [Aug. 26th]

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On This Day – 4th Jan

On 4th January 1900, James Bond was born. Not the James Bond we know as Agent 007, but rather the inspiration behind the character. James Bond was an American ornithologist. Ornithology is the study of the behavior, ecology and environment of birds. James Bond traveled to as many as 100 different countries in pursuit of… Continue reading On This Day – 4th Jan

Computer Science, On This Day

On This Day – 9th Sept

We've all heard of the term 'bug' concerning our general day to day and also technology, but have you ever wondered why glitches in different kinds of software are called bugs? "First actual case of bug being found" While people were already using 'bug' to describe errors in performance before, its use today stems from… Continue reading On This Day – 9th Sept

On This Day, Public Health

On This Day – June 11th

On June 11th, 1998, the genome sequence of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB) was completed and published in the scientific journal, Nature. This allowed scientists around the world to understand tuberculosis better and develop effective treatments. This was groundbreaking because TB is multi-drug resistant (meaning that it's resistant to more than one antibiotic). Tuberculosis… Continue reading On This Day – June 11th