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The Real Feel of Eczema

WEEK 4 (OCTOBER 21-27): #THEREALFEELSOFECZEMA Reveal what it’s really like to live with eczema, emotionally and physically. Tell us: As a person with eczema, how would you describe the way it feels to live in your skin? How would I describe the way it feels to live in my skin? Painful. Embarrassing. Frustrating. Tiresome. Annoying.… Continue reading The Real Feel of Eczema

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The Real Cost of Eczema

WEEK 2 (OCTOBER 7-13): #THEREALCOSTOFECZEMA Share stories and stats about the real costs of eczema: financial, professional, and personal. Tell us: What has eczema cost you? Atopic eczema affects as many as 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults 86% of children and 84% of adults surveyed report interrupted sleep Over a quarter… Continue reading The Real Cost of Eczema

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‘Eczema Cured’ – Stop Selling Us ‘Miracle’ Products — #TheRealEczema

I was scrolling through some forums and saw a thread (shown below) about a blogger who claimed to have beaten cancer using ‘natural remedies’ and sold a cook book revealing her ‘secrets’ to vulnerable people suffering or affected by those suffering from cancer. (Link to article: It really angered me but reminded me of […]… Continue reading ‘Eczema Cured’ – Stop Selling Us ‘Miracle’ Products — #TheRealEczema