3 more podcasts to listen to

I admit it. I’ve been bitten by the podcast bug. Not only can they be informative, they’re a good way to kill time. I like to jokingly call them conversations I don’t need to participate in (#introvert). Finding a good podcast can be hit or miss, but there is something for everyone. It can be interesting to find polarising podcasts where people love or hate them – I’m usually in the latter category and have quit podcasts after five minutes (hey, life is too short!).

I last shared five science-related podcasts and I’m back again with more recommendations!

Each of these podcasts have one thing in common – I was completely mystified by the circumstances! Plus, I think the level of deception and obsessive behaviour is something that can affect any of us at any one time. Each situation comes with red flags that are ignored at some point (and that’s definitely a post for another time)! Continue reading