It always seems impossible until it’s done

I was looking for something to post when I came across this quote and it made me stop and think. Every so often, I get anxious about not writing enough or writing fast enough (see my previous post and the lack of part two!). That, in turn, makes me think that I shouldn’t bother anyway.

Lack of motivation is a huge problem area for me. When I’m motivated, I’m motivated, but it comes in bursts. Part of the issue is that my to-do list is often a mile long. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and waste time instead of using what little time I have to achieve my goals.

So, the goal for right now was to update this blog. I don’t have any interesting facts or information to provide, but I thought I’d share my concerns here. It’s also that time of the year where so many people struggle and I’m right there with them.

If anyone else is feeling down now that we’re hurtling towards winter – you’re not alone. My go-to right now is picking up writing projects and slowly reconnecting with some TV shows I’ve enjoyed in the past. I’m laying off social media. Most importantly, I’ve stopped watching Manchester United highlights (if you know, you know). I’m trying not to think about life and let it get to me.

Hard emphasis on try which is all we can do. I’m going to be looking at wellness journals and seeing how helpful they are.

Who knows?

I might just write a post about it!