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‘Eczema Cured’ – Stop Selling Us ‘Miracle’ Products — #TheRealEczema

I was scrolling through some forums and saw a thread (shown below) about a blogger who claimed to have beaten cancer using ‘natural remedies’ and sold a cook book revealing her ‘secrets’ to vulnerable people suffering or affected by those suffering from cancer. (Link to article: It really angered me but reminded me of […]… Continue reading ‘Eczema Cured’ – Stop Selling Us ‘Miracle’ Products — #TheRealEczema

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Eczema Awareness Month 2019

The National Eczema Society are running a series of weekly themes during October 2019. I will be doing my best to participate and have an article about eczema up this month that looks into the causes, treatment and research into more effective treatment. Eczema Awareness Month weekly themes WEEK 1 (OCTOBER 1-6): #THEREALTRUTHOFECZEMA Share eczema… Continue reading Eczema Awareness Month 2019

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The Real Truth of Eczema

WEEK 1 (OCTOBER 1-6): #THEREALTRUTHOFECZEMA Share eczema facts. Tell us: What is one thing you wish people knew about life with eczema?   I've had eczema since I was a child and throughout my life I've dealt with it in varying degrees. The one thing I wish people knew is how much of a nuisance… Continue reading The Real Truth of Eczema